Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is Verity?

Verity is a privacy-based, open-source online platform for consumers to find legal information, legal services providers, and apps for solving legal issues.

What do you mean, "privacy-based"?

To protect your privacy Verity doesn’t do activity tracking and collection of information for sale. Verity does not have a business model centered around selling advertisements.

What is "open-source"?

“Open source projects, products, or initiatives embrace and celebrate principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy, and community-oriented development.”

What is an "online platform"?

An online platform is the software infrastructure that businesses use to build their online businesses on. The platform allows businesses to focus on their unique service offerings, rather than the general, and often difficult technology that all the online businesses require.

Who is this for?

Verity is for individuals, families, and small businesses. Small businesses include legal services providers that are on the platform.

What kinds of legal services are available?

Verity is your window to the legal world. All types of legal services are available from authorized providers. Verity is not the provider of the legal services.


Is it free?

Verity is free to use for individuals and families.

How do you make money?

There are premium services for small businesses, including legal services providers.

Why do I need this?

Many of the big tech companies have a business model that involves harvesting data of the users of their products to be sold to advertisers. They’re tracking your online activities and creating a profile of you for targeted ads. This means that often the things that you’re typing, and the websites you’re visiting are being recorded, generally without you being aware of it. Verity doesn’t participate in activities like this to protect consumers and their activities online.

Do I have to create a profile?

To search for legal information and to view documents and videos, no profile is required. But, once you want to engage a legal service provider Verity needs to collect information about you to verify your identity, and for the chosen service provider to view.

Legal Services Providers

Can you make my website?

The for-profit Verity corporation, a subsidiary of the non-profit Verity Foundation, offers website and app design and development services.

What if I want to leave your service?

You are the owner of all of your data, and any code that is used in your website or app, and all of this can be exported before leaving the service. However, your privileges will change regarding any customer data that you have been granted access to in the past by those individuals.

Legaltech Companies

How does your service interact with our product?

Verity provides a legaltech app store, and is the data escrow for your customers.